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Carrying the Crown Prince’s baby!On the Prince of Santo Sierra’s long list of prospective brides, Jasmine Nichols is at the bottom. Their impulsive night together might have proved their compatibility in the bedroom, but her later behaviour proves she would not make a suitable princess.Yet Jasmine is catapulted to the top of the list when Prince Reyes discovers she is carrying his heir! He should be planning her punishment not their wedding, but there is an old saying …keep your enemies closer.Except Reyes’s cold, tactical marriage is about to be jeopardised by their explosive chemistry and uncovering his new bride’s secrets…Praise for Maya BlakeInnocent in His Diamonds 4* RT Book ReviewBlake’s fabricated crime is the perfect catalyst to bring this couple together. The Swiss-scapes are incredibly luxurious and the co-stars are spot on. But it is the battle the heroine fights – no spoilers here —that wins the day.The Ultimate Playboy 4.5* RT Book ReviewBlake’s romance between this implausible couple is mystifying and exciting. The chemistry between her vengeful, überplayboy hero and her innocent, mistrusting heroine is palpable. The ultra-lavishness fits, the lovemaking is fiery and the honest dialogue between the couple is tangible.What the Greek Can’t Resist 4.5* TOP PICK RT Book ReviewBlake’s embattled couple is the perfect yin and yang. It’s a sensual feast watching them fall in love in spite of themselves.

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