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Как правило выбор наименьшей стоимости и чтение положительных откликов требует немерено времени и терпения — мы поможем отобрать самые выгодные варианты и расценки для diacritics in the teaching and learning of samoan in the primary level, так же напишем веб-магазина с почти мгновенной доставкой. Всего зафиксировано онлайн-маркетов: 2 торговцев, а когда этот продукт отыщется в новом онлайн-магазине, дополнительный источник будет занесён сервисом не позже рабочего дня для страницы diacritics in the teaching and learning of samoan in the primary level. Заказать возможно в известных магазинчиках РФ, например litres.ru, ozon.ru.

In psychiatry, as in all of medicine, clinicians are frequently involved in training students and residents yet few have themselves been trained in pedagogy. Improving the quality of psychiatric education should both improve the quality of psychiatric care and make the profession more attractive to medical students. Written by a team of international experts with many years of experience, this comprehensive text takes a globally relevant perspective on providing practical instruction and advice on all aspects of teaching psychiatry. It covers learning from undergraduate and postgraduate level to primary medical and community settings, enabling readers to find solutions to the problems they are facing and become aware of potential issues which they can anticipate and be prepared to address. The book discusses curriculum development using examples from around the world, in order to provide trainees with the basic attitudes, knowledge and skills they require to practise psychiatry. Features: Instruction on developing a curriculum for Residency training, teaching interviewing skills, teaching psychotherapy and using new technology Innovative ways of engaging medical students in psychiatry and developing their interest in the specialty, including experience with new types of elective and research options and development of roles for students in patient care Focuses throughout on how to teach rather than what to teach Includes descriptions of workplace-based assessments Discussions of both theoretical and practical perspectives and examples of particular innovations in the field using case studies Presented in a thoroughly readable and accessible manner, this book is a primary resource for all clinicians involved in teaching psychiatry to medical students and trainees.

Прайс-лист diacritics in the teaching and learning of samoan in the primary level

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